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Write down your dreams coffee box

Write down your dreams coffee box

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Coffee Box - Write down your dreams A unique coffee set for everyone who seeks to achieve their dreams, a gift for you and the inspirations in your life Your coffee box is completely handmade from navy colored pottery in a box that combines yellow and blue and is equipped with motivational words. Content: - Pottery cup, with the words “As much as your dream” written on it. - A pottery cup that can be used on fire, with the words “The Earth Expands” written on it. - A pottery cup dish with the words “I was created with a big dream” written on it. - Hardcover wire notebook, 80 sheets -10 separator #Tip_of_the_day in handwriting - 3 Mandela drawings for coloring - Wooden coaster, written on it: “Behind patience are beautiful things.” - An Arabic wooden pendant with the words “As much as your dream expands.” - A gift card to write a special message Our social responsibility: The product was handcrafted by Egyptian potters, who cooperated with them to develop the pottery industry from the traditional form of colored pottery with Arabic inscriptions written in gold in an elegant manner befitting the Egyptian industry and export it abroad. One of the women also participated in making the pendant.
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Sahari Alzeyara
رائع جداً

البوكس جداً ممتاز ومتناسق وجداً رائع كإقتناء شخصي او هدية لشخص ما والتغليف ممتاز ووصل بسرعة وتعامل خدمة العملاء راقي .. موفقين ان شاء الله

Eman felimban

اشكركم جداً ع فخامة اغراضكم وافكاركم الجميلة ورقي تعاملكم

Areej Yaseen
المنتج رائع

جودة عالية وحجم ممتاز قطعة مميزة للإهداء
شكرا لكم

منتجات جميلة جدا

شكرااا طلبت بوكس دون احلامك ….البوكس والومجمةعة روعة كل شي مرتب وانيق وراقي ويفتح النفس..ينفع هدية راقية ومعبرة لاحبابكم شكرااا لكم ..منتجاتكم رائعة الله يوفقكم استمرو

Layla Mobasher
شركة محترمة جدا جدا

انا سعيدة بتعاملي معهم شركة راقية في اسلوب التعامل .. والبضاعة جميلة ولها معني خاص ..هدية مميزة تحمل الكثير من المعاني لمن اراد الاهداء بشيء له معني وذوق خاص