Our story

The Happiness factory is the official name for Tip of the day.

Tip of the day is a retailer brand based in Egypt, we convert meaningful content into lifestyle, handmade products. A percentage of profit goes to charities and NGOs. We are an (E-commerce) website beside. we distribute our products in Egypt & Gulf countries in megastores, gift shops and book stores also we do corporate & universities creative giveaways. Hadeer Soliman founded tip of the day in 2013 as Voluntary cause to spread hope it turned to be business with % for charity.

We made the first Happiness jar in 2017. Now tip of the day in 2021 have more than 720K on Facebook & Instagram and many products.

Tip of the day mission is to be an aid for people in their life struggles. By allocating business resources to serve them with love and honesty. Our goal is to transform psychological, meaningful content into life style products in Arabic, and to revive old handicrafts (pottery, glass, wood, kilim) adding our Tips to it.

We collaborate with all handcrafts artisans, content creators, book writers and calligraphers, to create products based on Arabic content well designed and directed for you ❤️

Adding Happiness and Hope to your days or helping you to gift someone whom are really special wherever the country you are sending your gift it will be delivered.

Social Responsibility:

Tip of the day assigns Percentage of its profit to charity projects such as: educational organizations, public hospitals and several community needs.

In addition to helping 20-25 household women work from home, we also tend to provide suitable job opportunities for girls with a safe working environment.

Working on reviving ancient Egyptian handicrafts in a modern way.

The Happiness Factory, the official name, is an Egyptian brand
By creating useful content, and turning it into products to be part from style life and provide Our products And for companies And institutions. And done Set aside 20% Our profits for projects
And for associations Charity based on our responsibility towards society .
Our vision
. Our primary goal is to spread hope and positive messages among people and help them stay in a productive, optimistic environment and maintain a good spirit.

Our mission
Our products tend to help people through daily challenges. We mostly like positive thinking, good decision-making, motivation and happiness. We also contribute to providing suitable job opportunities for girls who have an unsafe work environment in addition to helping women working from home.